Tetenal Variobrom WA Concentrate 1L 1+9 Max 50 m2102134A

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Variobrom WA a top class Warmtone Developer for all black and white fibre based and RC coated papers. 1 Litre concentrated. Variobrom WA Warmtone Developer produces neutral to warm black image tones with silver bromide papers and warmblack tones with silver chloride papers.

Optimally suitable for both dish/ tray and machine processing.

Variobrom WA gives deep blacks with very low stain at the same time. It is high-yielding and extremely stable.

Varibrom WA produces a much stronger warmtone than the previous Variobrom W developer. A stop bath is required between development and fixing, e.g. Dish processing: Dilution 1+ 9. Development time at 20° C: RC coated papers 60 -90s, fibre based papers 90 - 120 s.

Machine processing: Dilution 1+7. Development time at 30°C: RC coated papers 30 s, fibre based papers 45 s. Repl. rate 350 ml/m².


Tetenal Variobrom WA Concentrate 1L 1+9 Max 50 m2

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