Spur UFP Universal Developer 256450

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Advantages Of SPUR UFP Universal Developer:

Films and papers can be developed with a single developer and, when considered convenient, using the same dilution.

SPUR UFP is suitable for the development of all normal types of film, 35 mm films, roll films, sheet film as well as PE and baryte papers.

The high dilutions recommended in the developing chart allow for a cost effective film development considering the high quality achieved. The amount of concentrate required to develop 30 35 mm films or roll films respectively 250 ml solution on average.

The long shelf-life and its universal applicability for all normal types of b/ w films are interesting features especially from the point of view of beginners and re-beginners in the field of analogue b/w photography.

SPUR UFP supplies fine grained and at the same time sharp negatives in the style of the world-renowned fine grain developer SPUR HRX.

UFP paper development is distinguished by a slightly cool, neutral black print tone as well as extraordinary high plasticity and unique possibilities for varying gradation. The standard dilution being 1+20, 250 ml concentrate yield

5.25 l working solution. One liter working solution can be used to develop ca. 40 enlargements 18x24 cm (PE paper).

SPUR UFP is conceived under completely new aspects. This novel and unique universal developer for the first time combines the requirements of both film and paper developments in a single product, with optimal results.
UFP film development is derived from SPUR HRX. Therefore it boasts fine grain and very high sharpness. The curve is ideal and especially suitable for using the Zone System.

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