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Silverprint SE1 Emulsion 250ml

SE1 Emulsion is made for us by one of the main photographic manufacturers in this country, this is a normal contrast bromide emulsion which is versatile and easy to use. Contrast: reasonably hard grade 2. The high silver content allows a certain degree of dilution with water in many cases. If applying to a transparent medium use full strength, but on opaque surfaces such as paper do tests using 1 + 1 and 1 + 2 dilutions with water.

SE1's substantial concentration of high bloom gelatin yields good adhesion to many surfaces, often without subbing beforehand. Processing is as for normal paper- the emulsion is quite robust, and does not usually need hardening, & is robust to use standard rapid fixing agents without bleaching. The image colour is neutral to slightly warm-black, and it reacts well to toners of all types including selenium, also to Lith. development.

A separate subbing solution is available for optional use when coating smooth surfaces such as glass.

Instructions included in Box.

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Silverprint SE1 Emulsion 250ml

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