Silverprint Polyester Print Sleeves 9.5x12 Inch 25 Pack1747_25

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9.5x12 Polyester Print Sleeves 25 Pack (250mm x 310mm)

9.5x12 Polyester Print Sleeves provide the perfect compromise between access and preservation, protecting material from handling and atmospheric hazards yet allows 100% visual access whenever required. The superb glass-like clarity of the polyester and the smooth precision weld on three sides provide the strongest, clearest, safest home for paper, photographic or fabric material. The sleeves open on the narrow end for maximum security. 

These sleeves fit into our Portfolio and Print Boxes and are available in various sizes.

These items can be subject to manufacturing delays. Please check stock levels before ordering.

Silverprint Polyester Print Sleeves 9.5x12 Inch 25 Pack

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