Silverprint Cyanotype Paper Mixed Colours 8x10Inch 12sheetSKU162331

  • Cost:

    • £27.67 inc VAT
    • £23.06 + £4.61 VAT
  • Pre-Washed and Pre-Treated
  • 250 Thread count
  • Ready for Sun Printing
  • Made of 100% Natural Fibres
  • Archival
  • Both Sides Can Be Printed
  • Durable for Repeat Rinsing
  • Final Print Can Be Embellished
  • Enclosed in Black Light-Safe Bag

If needed, make sure iron has no water in; any water on treated cotton will creates spots on the print! Iron with dry iron, no steam settings! Please use Cotton settings on Iron.

Ideal for:

  • Alternative process
  • Kids
  • Teachers
  • Quilters

Post Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash, with cold water
  • Use non-phosphate detergent
  • Only tumble dry on medium heat
  • Iron on cotton settings

Special notes
Cyanotype (sun-print) materials are made of 100% natural fibres so your prints are archival.
The materials are (UV) sun sensitive and come enclosed in a black light-safe bag which should be opened and closed quickly when removing them.
Your Cyanotype material can uniquely be sun printed on one or both sides and is durable for repeat rinsing.
Your final print can be dyed, painted or drawn on and embellished with stitching or beading.
Care instructions for fabric: wash printed fabrics in a non-phosphate detergent. Do not use a steam setting when ironing.
How to make a cyanotype sunprint
Choose your design. Your design choices are nearly endless.
Here are some ideas: Drawings or photographs that have been printed on transparencies or acetate. Actual objects such as leaves, flowers, string, toys, letters, hands, jewellery. Experiment with photographic negatives, x-rays, cut outs or clipart, lace and sheer fabrics. Use your imagination - try anything.
Once you have chosen your design, lay it on the cyanotype material. To hold your design in place during your sun exposure, use a piece of clear glass or Plexiglas for a tight contact, or lay your design loosely if there is no wind. You can also choose to pin your design down onto a piece of cardboard or foam core.

Expose your sun print. First make a test print by exposing your design in the sun for different lengths of time on a small section of cyanotype material (use the test print chart below as a guide), then choose the best exposure time to get the blue you want.
To print on both sides of the cyanotype material, first expose one side to the sun using your desired exposure time, then turn the material over, lay the same or different design on the second side and expose it for any time you choose.
Once you have exposed your sun print, remove your design.

Rinse your sun print. When you rinse your print in water for a few minutes (until the water runs clear) your cyanotype print will begin to appear immediately. The print will be cyan blue and your design will be white or if you choose a coloured fabric, your design will be that colour.
Further experiments
Make a yellow print. To tone our blue print to yellow, soak your blue print in a solution of 1 gallon of water and 2-3 teaspoons of TSP (Tri sodium Phosphate), a powdered soap found in hardware stores. Some laundry detergents contain phosphates and can be used. Let your blue print soak in this solution for 5 minutes. The blue will change to yellow. Remove your yellow print from the phosphate solution and rinse it in water for 2-3 minutes.

Make sepia print. To tone your yellow print to sepia, soak your yellow print in brewed black tea (5-6 tea bags: 6 cups water). The more tea bags you use the darker your print will appear. Stir your print occasionally the move your print and rinse in water briefly.





Silverprint Cyanotype Paper Mixed Colours 8x10Inch 12sheet

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