Silverprint Cordura Bag 16x20 Inch83447

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Silverprint Cordura Bag 16x20 inch

Complementing the Portfolio boxes, these Silverprint Cordura Bags are rugged weatherproof carrying cases enclose and protect the box, making it into a unit which will stand up to the rigours of transporting a portfolio.

Designed to accept either of the following:

1 full depth Portfolio box

2 half-depth Portfolio boxes

4 Print Boxes

1 half depth Portfolio box with 2 Print boxes

Silverprint Cordura Bags can also be used to transport anything that needs protecting: framed photos, paintings, books, graphic arts materials. They're well padded, with carrying handle and detachable carrying strap. Only comes in black.

Silverprint Cordura Bag 16x20 Inch
  • Silverprint Cordura Bag
  • Silverprint Cordura Bag
  • Silverprint Cordura Bag

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