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Silverprint Bulk Film Loader

The Silverprint  Bulk Film Loader is designed to load 35 mm films from a bulk roll. The film loader is suitable for all 35 mm rolls up to 30.5 meters in length.

It allows you to take a bulk roll and make small roles of 35 mm film for individual cassettes. For anyone who goes through a lot of film and has a specific film that they prefer to use, the Silverprint Bulk Film Loader  film loader represents an affordable alternative to ready-made films.

The film loader is designed for 35 mm bulk rolls up to a length of 30.5 m. You can adjust the frame counter on the loader, so you can determine how many frames should be included in each film cassette. You can choose between 5 and 36 frames per cassette. From a 30.5 m bulk roll you can generate 18 (35 mm) films with 36 frames. The device has an integrated indicator to show you the amount of bulk film still left in the chamber.

Silverprint Bulk Film Loader

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