Silverprint Blotting Paper Unbuffered 20x30 Inch 10 SheetL5351925

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Silverprint Blotting Paper Cotton Unbuffered 20x30 Inch

Pack of 10, 100 % Cotton

This 346gsm White 100% cotton rag blotter is great for any number of conservation applications.

Use it in wet treatment of papers and as a blotter in leaf casting. Line drawers and shelves with it to protect your artifacts and natural history specimens. It can also be used as a lining material in conservation picture framing.

Because it is smooth and unbuffered, it is perfect for use with most photo processes.

This pure waterleaf paper contains no buffers or fillers and has a pH of 8.5( +/- 0.2)

Silverprint Blotting Paper Unbuffered 20x30 Inch 10 Sheet

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