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Silverprint Archival Portfolio Box 12x16 Inch

Ideal for safe storage, or for elegant presentation of prints. The one-piece clamshell design allows easy accessibility to the contents. Opening out into two trays, the spine and top of the box lie flat when completely open, providing a double size presentation area. Prints can be moved from one tray to the other, minimising handling and soiling.

The internal size has sufficient clearance to take the Polyester Sleeves which we stock in matching sizes. For protection in transit, the matching Cordura cases and Transit boxes (below) are designed to fit these cases. Specifications Base material: Archival Boxboard, double thickness, dimensionally stable & archival quality. One colour- black. Lining: One layer of archival boxboard, white side out.

Cover: Library-quality acrylic impregnated black buckram. The hinge is re-inforced Tyvek. Adhesives: pH balanced and buffered, very low sulphur content. Internal Dimensions: 3/8 in larger than the format size, allowing sufficient clearance for polyester sleeves.

Internal dimensions: 314 X 414 X 62 mm
External dimensions: 428 X 327 X 73 mm

These items can be subject to manufacturing delays. Please check stock levels before ordering.

Silverprint Archival Portfolio Box 12x16 Inch 2 LEFT!
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