Sennelier Oil Pastel C/Board Set of 72 AssortedS12-132520

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The origin of Sennelier Oil Pastels, at the request of Pablo Picasso himself, is a good indication of the level of quality here. Gustave Sennelier created them in 1949 when the great man requested intense colours that he could use on as many surfaces as possible. 

  • As it turned out, Sennelier Oil Pastels also bring a lot more besides, not least a luxurious lipstick-creamy texture and extremely high pigmentation that provides excellent coverage and is fully lightfast.
  • You can apply Sennelier Oil Pastels direct or blend them with your finger or cloth, and you can also dilute them with turpentine and blend them with a brush.
Sennelier Oil Pastel C/Board Set of 72 Assorted

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