Secol V Mount 25 Strips x200mm55623

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For mounting on plain album pages or acid free Mounting Inserts, the Secol patented V-Mount system offers security and archival safety in a neat and flexible system.
Each pack comprises 25 200mm strips of Secol polyester with a "V" cross section, with neutral acrylic drymounting strip on one outside face.
Small strips can be cut to suit the particular medium and applied to the mounting board or page - the mounted item is positively held within the V-shape with contact to polyester alone, yet can be removed safely at any stage if required.
Vastly superior to the limited control of photo-corner type mounts, the "V" Mount system is in use all over the World as a discrett, unobtrusive and safe means of retention and display.
Secol V Mount 25 Strips x200mm

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