Rollei Ortho 25 5x4 Inch 25 Sheets56

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Extremely high resolving power, suited for general graphic purposes. The speed is slow, around the 10 ISO mark, and contrast is high. A useful film for line copying, especially as the film is orthochromatic and can be developed by inspection under red safelighting.

Using llith development at full strength will eliminate virtually all half tones, and as Kodalith is discontinued this qualifies as a close substitute. Another option is to use like the discontinued Kodak Technical Pan for pictorial work, using a low contrast developer to produce an exceptionally fine grain image with high sharpness.

Orthochromatic sensitised film with a steep grade, high speed and clear base.
Extremely high resolving power, very high sharpness especially suited for the reproduction of documents, x-ray images and for producing black and white slides and blue slides for archive purposes.
Suited for general graphic purposes,special effects and photographic halftone applications by use of special developers.

  • Type of emulsion: thincoated document emulsion, traditional cubic crystal technology, steeply working.
  • Sensitisation: orthochromatic.
  • Granularity: RMS (x 1000): 6.0.
  • Resolving power: 1000:1 350 lines/mm.
  • Coating structure:
  • Protective coating, light sensitive emulsion, anti-halation coating (decolourised during wet processing), clear base.
  • Thickness of emulsion: 7.5 micrometres (without base).
Rollei Ortho 25 5x4 Inch 25 Sheets

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