Rollei Infrared 400 12048604

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Rollei Infrared is a high speed panchromatic black and white film with special infrared sensitivity. It has large exposure latitude and a high tolerance to variation in lighting and climatic conditions. A stable polyester base support ensures highest level of archival stability (LE500). Especially suitable for digital scanning. Special halation effects (Aura effect) by longer exposure times.

  • Film Base: accurate, tear proof clear polyester material, 100 microns, 35mm, rollfilm and cut sheet film material. Film layer: Emulsion side - protective layer, + emulsion layer + polyester base 100 microns
  • Base side: NC = non curl coating
  • Layer thickness: w/o base 7.5 microns Speed: ISO 400/27°
  • Grain thickness: RMS (x1000) 11.0 with Agfa Refinal developer, 5 min, 20° C
  • Resolving power: contrast - 1000:1 lines/mm - 160
Rollei Infrared 400 120

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