Rollei InfraRed 5x4 Inch 25 Sheets10592

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Rollei InfraRed is a high speed panchromatic black and white film with special infrared sensitivity. It has large exposure latitude and a high tolerance to variation in lighting and climatic conditions. A stable polyester base support ensures highest level of archival stability (LE500). Especially suitable for digital scanning. Special halation effects (Aura effect) by longer exposure times.

Under the use of an infrared-black filter, Rollei InfraRed sensitivity amounts to ISO 64, however, the correct processing time will be at ISO 200.

  • Film Base: accurate, tear proof clear polyester material, 100 microns, 35mm, rollfilm and cut sheet film material. Film layer: Emulsion side - protective layer, + emulsion layer + polyester base 100 microns
  • Base side: NC = non curl coating
  • Layer thickness: w/o base 7.5 microns Speed: ISO 400/27°
  • Grain thickness: RMS (x1000) 11.0 with Agfa Refinal developer, 5 min, 20° C
  • Resolving power: contrast - 1000:1 lines/mm - 160
Rollei InfraRed 5x4 Inch 25 Sheets

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