Reflecta DigiEndoscopeH00155212

  • Cost:

    • £169.98 inc VAT
    • £141.65 + £28.33 VAT
  • Technical Data
  • Videoformats - AVI
  • Number of LED - 6MB
  • Zoom - 4x Zoom


With the Reflecta DigiEndoscope you can easily inspect narrow tubes, small recesses, dark corners and wire and cable ducts.

The 2.4“ TFT display visualizes all details of the inspected area and you can even take pictures or record videos. The photos and videos are stored directly on a micro SD/SDHC card.

With the flexible gooseneck you can inspect even the most inaccessible spots. The adjustable illumination ensures perfect visualization of darkest areas. Due to the use of batteries, the DigiEndoscope can be used virtually everywhere.

Reflecta DigiEndoscope

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