Photo Storage Envelopes Perma/Dur Unbuffered 5x7 100s3281

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Photo and Negative Envelopes are ideal for long term, safe storage of negatives and photographs. On the recommendation of several photographic archivists, we have changed the seam design and added a new style without a thumb cut. The new side seam construction allows even stacking and filing, and prevents marring of the negative or photo within due to too much weight or pressure.
  • 120gsm lignin-free ivory stock
  • pH of approximately 7.0
  • high alpha cellulose content
  • Seams are fastened with a neutral pH adhesive.
  • Passes Photographic Activity Test.
  • Size 137mm x 187mm (5x7" Negative/Print) No Thumb Cut
Photo Storage Envelopes Perma/Dur  Unbuffered 5x7 100s

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