Permajet Mercury Ultra White Matt Canvas 405g 60 Inch x15mAPJ24398

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    • £369.18 inc VAT
    • £307.65 + £61.53 VAT

Permajet Mercury Ultra White Matt Canvas 405gsm is a smooth, heavyweight product with a beautifully structured base which has been proven as being the most brilliant white in the marketplace to date. Carefully designed to facilitate the reproduction of fine art work where image sharpness detail is crucial and excellent colour brilliance and image depth is a necessity.

Its heavyweight feel and true, ultra white matt base makes it an ideal inkjet canvas for a variety of subject matters bringing your image to its maximum printed display potential, standing out and almost 'jumping off' the media. The perfect canvas for the professional photo studio lab, fine art printer or museum needing an inkjet media with a real difference able to out-perform any other canvas on the market.

Suitable for all types of printers, whether they be large format or desktop and using either aqueous pigment or dye based inks.

Permajet Mercury Ultra White Matt Canvas 405g 60 Inch x15m

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