Peerless Watercolors/Dry Spot Set of 5 Spotting Col., Blacks35435

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Peerless retouching colors, manufactured since 1885 in New York. Peerless was the first manufacturer who invented retouch colors which are applied as a dry dye on cardboard leaflets. Just moisten a brush and dab some color from the leaflet. The leaflet are long lasting. Color crystallizes at some point if not used for a longer time which actually is no harm to the product. It looks a little like snow on the leaflet but once in contact with moisture the color dissolves just the same.

The DrySpot Set is a set of 5 different black or sepia tones used for touching up black and white photos. Although the colors are created for black and white photos, they are not limited to that use.

  •  The variety of blacks are a perfect addition to any palette for shading and adding deep tones.
  • The colors include Lamp Black, Ivory Black, Pearl Grey, Spotting Black Opaque, Warm Sepia.
  • All DrySheets are 2x6" swatches.
Peerless Watercolors/Dry Spot Set of 5 Spotting Col., Blacks

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