Paterson Changing BagPTP125

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Paterson Changing Bag 27.5 x 27.5Inch

The Paterson Changing Bag is an essential piece of equipment that any photographer should keep in a darkroom. It is one of the most simple items to use and can potentially save you from losing a roll of jammed film stuck inside a camera.

Having a changing bag on hand means that a jammed or partly exposed film can be safely removed from the camera and shooting can continue and it will allow a film to be loaded into a developing tank without having to first find a darkroom.

It has a fail-safe double skin with a double zip closure and the comfortable inner lining is specially designed to avoid perspiration in prolonged use.

The Paterson changing bag is small enough to fit into a camera bag, yet large enough to allow a camera back to be fully opened once inside or a film to be loaded into a tank.


Paterson Changing Bag
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