Pantone Plastics Transparent & Opaque Selector (5 binders)PANT152

  • Cost:

    • £3,552.00 inc VAT
    • £2,960.00 + £592.00 VAT

Colour is one of the most critical elements in the design process, and the ability to accurately select, specify and control colour for your projects can make the vital difference between great results and just ‘okay’.

Take the guesswork out of colour matching for plastics with the PANTONE Plastics Colour System. This comprehensive, all-inclusive system includes both the PANTONE Plastics Transparent Selector and the PANTONE Plastics Opaque Selector, boasting a total of 1,740 transparent and opaque colour references in an impressive five-binder set to include:

  • PANTONE PLASTICS Opaque selector - 1,005 colours, 3 binders
  • PANTONE PLASTICS Transparent selector - 735 colours, 2 binders
  • This full palette includes a complete range of chromatics, browns, greys, pearlescents, fluorescents and metallics.
Pantone Plastics Transparent & Opaque Selector (5 binders)

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