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Moersch Tanol 200 Developer 2x100ml

Tanol is a staining film developer. It gives a high resolution, maximum sharpness & is considered a fine grain developer. Suitable for both tank & dish development. You do not need to rinse before developing the film.

The only exception is Delta 400.

After a couple of minutes of developing this film you get a lot of foam in the tank. If the tank is only filled to just about cover the film, this can lead to errors in development. You can overcome this problem by rinsing the film for 2 to 3 minutes before you develop.

Dilute developer and alkali with water in a ratio of 1+1+100. Do this immediately before you start developing. In such high dilutions the water quality can have consequences for the film speed. Therefore we recommend the use of distilled water.

Unlike the familiar staining developers on the basis of pyrogallol, auto-oxidisation of Tanol starts a lot later. This is an advantage when developing N+ based on the zone system. During long development times you donÍt need to worry about early exhaustion.


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Moersch Tanol 200 Divided Film Developer 2x 100ml

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