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MT2 is a direct toner for warmtone papers with a high content of chloride silver. Neutral and coldtone emulsions can be toned indirectly. Available in a 100ml, 250ml and 500ml bottle

Capacity: With one litre of working solution in a dilution of 1+10 you can tone at least 8sqm or 100 sheets of 24x30cm paper.

The image tone is adjustable by altering either dilution or time of toning. Toning for short durations in dilutions of 1+30 and stronger, the process starts with an increase in maximum black. The image tone turns colder. As toning progresses, the initial image tone first changes to a colder brown and then slowly shifts towards warm brown and red brown hues. If you want a continuous brown black image tone, you have to choose a dilution between 1+100 and 1+200. In a completely filled storage container, the working solution has a shelf life of:
a couple of weeks for a dilution of 1+10; a couple of days for a dilution of 1+200.

If you prepare the working solution with distilled water instead of tap water you increase its shelf life significantly.

Moersch MT2 Carbon Toner 250ml

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