Moersch Easy Lith 2000 Lith Developer 2L20790

  • Cost:

    • £85.80 inc VAT
    • £71.50 + £14.30 VAT

The inexpensive alternative to get started with lith printing, and for all lith printing uses in which fine control over the process is unecessary.

Dilution: 1+15 to 1+30

Available sizes:

200 ml (Lith A 100ml, Lith B 100ml) for 3-6 litres working solution

500 ml (Lith A 250ml, Lith B 250ml) for 7,5-15 litres working solution

1 Liter (Lith A 500ml, Lith B 500ml) for 15-30 litres working solution

2 Liter (Lith A 1 L, Lith B 1 L) for 30-60 litres working solution




Moersch Easy Lith 2000 Lith Developer 2L

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