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Kodak Professional HC110 Film Developer 1L

Kodak Professional HC110 Film Developer
is a highly concentrated liquid developer for use with a variety of black and white films. A versatile developer, Kodak HC-110 has 6 possible dilutions, A to F, and can be used both as a one-shot developer, or reused with the use of HC-110 Replenisher. While it is also a suitable developer for push processing.

Developer Type - Liquid
Dilution - A 1+15 /B 1+31 / C 1+19 / D 1+39 / E 1+47 / F 1+79
Capacity - Dilution B (recommended) - 96 135-36 or 160 120 rolls
Life - 2 years concentrate / 6 months working solution

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Kodak HC-110 Dev 1L Concentrate

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