Kentmere VC Select RC Gloss 12x16 Inch 10 Sheets19541

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Kentmere VC Select Glossy Paper 12x16 10 Sheets

Kentmere VC Select
a premium quality, high speed, variable contrast resin coated paper. Kentmere VC Select gives superb image rendition with high speed emulsion one stop faster than most, with deep, rich, neutral blacks, excellent tonal separation and crisp whites. Kentmere VC Select is coated on a thicker 270gsm base.

Process - Black and white
Base Type - Resin coated
Weight - 270 gsm (medium weight)
Finish - Glossy
Tone - Bright white
Contrast - Variable (multigrade)
Size - 12x16 Inch (30.5cm x 40.6cm)

Kentmere VC Select RC Gloss 12x16 Inch 10 Sheets

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