Kaiser Smart Cluster Midi Compact LED Camera Light K3287K3287

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Kaiser Star Cluster Midi Compact LED Camera Light

Compact LED camera light for photo and video, especially useful when shooting  videos with DSLRs and CSCs. 8.5 x 6 cm (3.3 x 2.4 in.) panel with 96 white High-CRI-LEDs, 5600 K color temperature (daylight / neutral  color rendition), continuously dimmable. 600 lux illuminance at 1 m (3 ft.) distance and 60° angle of radiation (half-value angle). Crystal clear protective screen. Magnetic fixtures for diffusor screen and artificial light filter for conversion to 3200 K (both included). Power supply by five standard AA batteries or rechargeables housed in the rear battery compartment. Can also be powered by a Canon LP-E6 battery (standard battery of EOS 5D MK II/III, 6D, 7D(MKII), 60D, 70D) attached on the rear side. Terminal for mains adapter.

Electronically stabilized light output keeping the illuminance constant when supply voltage goes down. Automatic shutdown when batteries are exhausted to prevent deep discharge and battery defects.

Several lights can be combined side by side or on top of each other by a special catching system.

Tripod thread. Continuously adjustable swivel joint with standard foot for accessory shoe and tripod thread.


Illuminance: approx. 600 lux (1 m, 60°)
Color Rendition Index: 85-90
LED service life: approx. 30.000 hours
Colour temperature: 5600 K
Operating time with fully loaded batteries: up to 2.5 hours
Operating voltage: 5.8 - 16.8 V
Dimensions of light head: 127 x 77 x 45 mm (5 x 3 x 1.8 in.)
Weight: 195 g (6.9 oz) (without batteries)
Tripod thread: A 1/4

Kaiser Smart Cluster Midi Compact LED Camera Light K3287
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