Ilford Ortho Plus 4x5 Inch 25 Sheets84083

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Ilford Ortho+ 5x4 Inch 25 Sheets

Ilford Ortho+
is a black and white copy film. With Ilford Ortho+ it is possible to achieve accurate reproduction of black and white orginals. The ble and green sensitivity enables the film to be handled in red safelight and allows processing by inspection. This versatile film allows you to fine tune the contrast by the choice of developer, the exposure given.


  • Film Type - Black and white copy film
  • Film Format - 5x4 Inch (25 Sheets)
  • Sensitivity - ISO 80/20° (Daylight) 40/17° (Tungsten)
  • Development Process - Black and white


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Ilford Ortho Plus 4x5 Inch 25 Sheets

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