Ilford Multigrade V RC Deluxe Gloss 9.5x12 Inch 50 Sheets1180002

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ILFORD announced the world’s first variable contrast MULTIGRADE paper in 1940 and in 2019, as we celebrate our 140th anniversary, we are pleased to announce the 5th generation of our best-selling MULTIGRADE RC Papers.

MULTIGRADE IV RC papers (4th generation) were launched 25 years ago and have been hugely successful becoming the ‘go to’ black & white RC papers for discerning students, amateurs and professional darkroom users all over the world.

“Improving them was not going to be easy but we wanted to bring the manufacturing in line with the latest emulsion making technology used in our other RC and fibre papers and so we have redesigned the emulsion from the ground up. This project has been in development for 8 years and we are extremely pleased and excited with the final product.” Giles Branthwaite, Sales & Marketing Director.

These new papers have a slightly warmer base tint than their predecessor as well as better, deeper blacks, improved mid-grade spacing for easier printing and more consistent contrast throughout the tonal range.

Ilford Multigrade V RC Deluxe Gloss 9.5x12 Inch 50 Sheets

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