Ilford Multigrade IV RC Express Gloss 12 Inch x76m1956478

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ILFORD MULTIGRADE EXPRESS PF is a high speed, variable contrast black & white paper on a bright white, resin coated base.
It is specially designed for high speed printing applications and compatible with all conventional black & white exposing and photo finishing equipment found in professional labs, including automatic and semi-automatic printers, printer-processors and minilabs.

Its combination of cool image colour, bright white base tint, excellent gloss levels as well as enhanced sharpness and high contrast levels, work to create stunning black & white prints, even from less-than-ideal negatives.
The sensitivity of MULTIGRADE RC EXPRESS PF is optimised for very short exposures which ensures high printing throughput and delivers good print-to-print consistency. This robust paper is also easy to work with and suitable for all black & white negatives including chromogenic negatives, such as ILFORD XP2 SUPER.
ILFORD 2000RT chemicals are recommended for processing MULTIGRADE RC EXPRESS PF paper, however all conventional black & white machine processing chemicals can be used.

Variable contrast, black & white, resin coated photographic paper designed for high speed printing applications.

• High speed, high quality lab paper
• Medium weight 190gsm resin coated paper
• Cool image tone on a bright white base tint
• Choice of glossy or pearl surfaces
• Available in sheets and rolls

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Ilford Multigrade IV RC Express Gloss 12 Inch x76m

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