Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone Gloss 56 Inch x30m Roll1908224

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Premium quality, warmtone, variable contrast black & white photo paper on a baryta coated fibre base. Especially suited to toning and suitable for all types of darkroom enlargers.

• Double weight 255g/m2 fibre base
• Warm image tone
• Uniform grade separation
• Choice of glossy and semi-matt surfaces
• Available in sheets and rolls

ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB WARMTONE is a premium quality, variable contrast black & white photographic paper on a heavyweight, baryta coated, fibre base. It has been designed for ultimate image quality, with warm image tones and a high response to toning techniques and has long been regarded as the discerning printers first choice.
The advanced emulsion design means that MULTIGRADE FB WARMTONE delivers luxuriously rich prints with warm deep blacks and creamy whites. It is also highly responsive to toning, chemical reduction and retouching techniques.
MULTIGRADE FB is also available in[Neutral and Cooltone variants and is compatible with the ILFORD optimum permanence wash sequence.
MULTIGRADE FB WARMTONE is part of the ILFORD MULTIGRADE system and seven full grades of contrast can be achieved when used with ILFORD MULTIGRADE filters. It can be used with most common safelights for black & white darkroom paper.

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Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone Gloss 56 Inch x30m Roll

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