Ilford Ilfotec LC29 Film Developer 500ml648

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Ilford Ilfotec LC29 Film Film Developer 500ml

Ilford Ilfotec LC29
is an economic, high dilution, general purpose liquid film developer. Ilford Ilfotec LC29 is designed to complement the features of all Ilford films, giving fine grain negatives with good sharpness characteristics and image quality. Ilford Ilfotec LC29 It is based on the technology used in Ilford Ilfotec HC film developer but is formulated to be an easy to pour liquid for small volume film processing.

Developer Type - Liquid
Dilution - 1+9, 1+19, 1+29
Life - 36 months in full stoppered bottle / 6 months in half full bottles

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Ilford Ilfotec LC29 Film Developer 500ml
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