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Ilford Galerie Pres MetallicGloss 260gsm A4 25 Sheets

GALERIE Prestige Metallic Gloss offers photographers the ability to print images with a true ‘wow’ factor. The iridium finish gives every image a three-dimensional look ensuring that each print truly comes to life.

The resin coated paper is 260gsm and is suitable for creating display and exhibition prints or alternatively prints can be added to photo albums or portfolio work to create additional impact.

Although the media adds an additional creative angle to portrait and studio photography, it also lends itself perfectly to enhancing mechanical, industrial or architectural images.

The media is available in a range of sheets and rolls and is compatible with both dye and pigment inkjet printers.


Key Features:

• Iridium finish allows the print to come to life
• Unique surface adds a creative angle to all types of photography
• Perfect for Portrait and Studio photography
• Compatible with all good quality pigment and dye based printers

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Ilford Galerie Metallic Gloss 260gsm A4 25 Sheets

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