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 Ilford FP4+ Process Control Strips 

These specially prepared FP4 PLUS Process Control Strips form part of the ILFORD FPC (Film Process Control) system. This is a flexible and easy to use method for controlling the performance and quality of your replenished black & white film processing systems.

A process control system works by keeping all the possible photographic variables constant except the processing. The film strip is exposed to a series of controlled exposures and then processed to create a benchmark. When similarly prepared films are subsequently processed, any changes between them and the benchmark strip reflects the changes that have happened in the processing system.

  • The strips are suitable for use with all mechanical black & white film processing systems that use solution tanks, such as dip and dunk (hanger), roller transport, short leader, continuous processors and manual deep tank systems.
  • FP4 PLUS Process Control Strips are supplied on 30.5m (100ft) lengths of 35mm film wound emulsion inwards (EI).
  • Each strip is approximately 41cm (16”) long giving approximately 72 useable strips per roll. Notches along the film’s edge and punched holes in the film are provided throughout the roll’s length to enable users to identify where to cut off single strips for use. The notch and punch holes are approximately 2.5cm (1”) apart.
  • To find out more about FP4 PLUS Process Control Strips and the ILFORD Film Process Control System read the introductory document, user manual and data sheets.
Ilford FP4 Plus Process Control Strips

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