Ilford FP4 Plus 125 4x5 Inch 25 Sheets13296

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Ilford FP4+ 125 5x4 Inch 25 Sheets

Ilford FP4+ 125
is a fine grain, medium speed black and white film. Possessing very fine grain, outstanding sharpness and high acutance, Ilford FP4+ 125 is a benchmark for medium speed films. With enormous latitude for exposure error above and below its ISO 125, it is a very versatile film, suitable for most photographic subjects under a variety of lighting conditions.


  • Film Type - Black and white negative film
  • Film Format - 5x4 Inch (25 Sheets)
  • Sensitivity - ISO 125/22°
  • Development Process - Black and white


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Ilford FP4 Plus 125 4x5 Inch 25 Sheets

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