Hot Press Vacuum Press 43x67 InchHGP360

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HGP360 Hot Glass Vacuum Press

Based on unique and proven technology, the Hot Glass Vacuum Press, or ‘The Hot Press’ as it is  known, sets the standard for excellence in all areas of heat mounting and lamination. Regarded as the ‘industry standard’ machine for picture framers, theey are are also used by restorers and professional print finishers.  The Hot Glass Vacuum Press has been evolving over the past twenty years and represents the most convenient and efficient way of hot mounting in the modern framing workshop.

The Hot Glass Vacuum Press is capable of handling a wide range of presentation materials, from white display board, foam centred board and MDF to photographs, art prints, inkjet canvases and delicate fabrics. The Hot Glass Vacuum Press can be filled with multiple projects, thus saving time and energy. The Hot Glass Vacuum Press will efficiently process 25mm thick MDF on one side of the bed, while simultaneously processing 1mm card on the other. The transparent top panel of the Hot Press allows work to be viewed throughout most standard dry mounting procedures.

  • AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC TIMER - With manual overide switch.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL -  All kinds of artwork can be mounted - even those that may be subject to damage by heat.
  • ADJUSTABLE TIMER CONTROL - When processing large volumes of work, the programmable timer can be set to the minimum time required for each batch of work.
  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE CONTROL - Minimises even heavy creases and wrinkles while ensuring delicate items such as foam board and embossed prints are not crushed.
  • DEDICATED VACUUM PUMP - The factory-matched vacuum pump ensures that pressure is never pulled too quickly or slowly.
  • 1095mmx1705mm
  • weights: 111kgs
  • outside dimensions: 1800x1194x160m


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Hot Press Vacuum Press 43x67 Inch

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