Hot Press Artshield UV Gloss Lustre 650mm x25m RollHSGL25082P

  • 650mm x 25m
  • Cost:

    • £110.83 inc VAT
    • £92.36 + £18.47 VAT

Hot Press Artshield UV™ Gloss Lustre 650mm x 25m Roll

Hot Press Artshield UV™ is a range of heat activated lamination films, or as they are more commonly known, heatseals and are widely regarded as the industry standard for heated press print finishing.  These heatseals contain UV inihibitors in the film and adhesive to prevent the film from turning yellow and brittle over time.  This has the added advantage of increasing the fade resistance of the artwork.  These heatseal films are easy to clean, incredibly durable and come in a variety of proper finishes.

Key Features:

  • Variety of finishes
  • Will bond to multiple base materials
  • Multiple sizes
Hot Press Artshield UV Gloss Lustre 650mm x25m Roll

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