Harman Direct Positive FB Gloss 11x14 Inch 10 Sheets1375

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Harman Direct Positive FB 1K Paper 11x14 Inch 10 Sheets


Harman Direct Positive paper is a high quality, traditional silver gelatine black and white, high contrast paper, on a 255g fiber base with a Glossy surface.

The direct positive emulsion had originally been developed by ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH and Harman used to it coat a fibre base version. When the Swiss company ceased trading in 2013 it caused interruption to product supplies. Harman have secured access to the emulsion and are now able to produce it themselves in the UK. Following successful trial coatings the paper has gone into production and will once again be available.

When processed the paper gives a positive image, without any need for a negative. It is ideal for pinhole cameras, as you can create the finished, positive print in the camera. The paper is processed exactly the same way as traditional fiber base paper.


Harman Direct Positive FB Gloss 11x14 Inch 10 Sheets

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