Hama Wire Release for Digital CamerasH005345

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Wire releases are the perfect accessory for professional shots that need longer light exposure. Simply attach this wire release to your camera and take fantastic photos from a distance.

  • High-quality wire release for shake-free shots
  • With a fastening plate and black plastic sheath
  • Hook and loop fastener for universal use with different digital cameras
  • Especially suited for compact cameras
  • Attachment by means of a tape


  • Snap away from your camera!
  • Cable Releases are the mechanisms attached to cameras that allow photographers to snap photos from a distance. Generally attached to a camera or to a tripod, a cable release consists of a wire, extending from the camera, that has a button trigger at the end of it. The photographer holds the button end of the cable and presses to trigger the camera shutter to take a photo. Cable releases, along with tripods, are best used for film that needs longer light exposure. In these cases, the camera’s shutter must stay open longer, causing the cameraman to remain steady and unwavering for a longer period of time. Consequently, when the photographer wants to eliminate the possibility of the camera shaking, he may use a tripod and a cable release.

The Cable Release for Digital Camera from Hama, does just that with its featured fastening plate, black plastic sheath and hook and loop fastener. The cable release can be used universally with different digital cameras and has a distance ranging up to an impressive 50 cm. Furthermore, it is black to blend in with the rest of your camera equipment. Take fantastic photos from a distance with the high quality Cable Release for Digital Cameras from Hama.


Hama Wire Release for Digital Cameras

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