Hama Studio Umbrella, whiteH00006075

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    • £44.64 inc VAT
    • £37.20 + £7.44 VAT

Studio umbrella for indirect illumination and diffuse light

  • White translucent covering
  • The diffuser scatters the light and produces soft shadows
  • With metal bracing and curved reflector surface
  • Folding design

Control the light with Hama!

Do you often find yourself getting frustrated having purchased a top of the range camera and tripod to go with it, to find your pictures are still coming out hazy, blurred and unclear as a result of bright lights? This no longer needs to be a problem with the Studio Umbrellas from Hama.

Take Control!

The Studio Umbrella from Hama, white in colour and 90 cm in diameter, is specifically designed as a device to control strong and bright lights, which often come from the flash of the camera or when employing artificial lighting. The umbrella, will use the curved reflector surface it boasts to diffuse the light and thus, shield the glare you get from those bright lights and provide a wide, even and soft illumination. For these reasons, the umbrella is perfect for taking both protraits and group shots or for product shooting of larger objects.

The umbrella is fantastic, being really easy to assemble and use, opening like an ordinary umbrella and easily movable to get the best placement. Furthermore, the umbrella is lightweight, comes in a folding design and case, making it easily portable and ideal for use when on the go as well as in the home.

At such good value for money and with such a huge improvement in image quality, you will wonder what you ever did without it!. Improve your lighting with the Hama Studio Umbrellas today!



Hama Studio Umbrella, white

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