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Hama Screen Cleaning Spray, 250 ml

Stylish flat screen TV and dust - not a very good combination in your home cinema. In the long term you will only be able to enjoy razor sharp images when you regularly clean the screen of your TV. For example with this cleaning spray brought to you by Hama.

  • Especially suited for cleaning the sensitive surfaces of flat panel displays
  • Also suitable for other surfaces, such as tablet PCs, smartphones and ultrabooks
  • Removes dust, dirt and grease
  • Regular cleaning maintains the device´s service life
  • In handy pump atomiser

What's in the Box

1 screen cleaning spray

Note for Consumers

Check and comply with the device manufacturer´s instructions before cleaning. Test the cleaner on an inconspicuous part to ensure material compatibility before applying to larger areas.

Before cleaning, ensure that your device is switched off and has cooled down (if necessary disconnect the plug) to avoid smear formation.

Only clean the device at room temperature.

Apply the cleaner to a lint-free cloth. Avoid applying the cleaner directly to the device so that no fluid can penetrate the interior of the device and possibly damage it.

Do not exert too much pressure on the surface to avoid particles of dust causing scratches. Distribute the cleaner on the screen with the cloth and then rub the screen dry with a dry part of the microfibre cloth. This first releases the dirt and then wipes it away together with the cleaner.

Dispose of the cleaner in accordance with local regulations.


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Hama Screen Cleaning Spray 250ml
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