Hama Quick Release Plate for Traveller Premium 144/146H00004243

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For quickly changing the camera

Hama Quick Release Plate

Designed for use with the Hama Traveller 146 Premium Duo Tripod, this high-quality quick release plate allows fast and easy attachment and removal of a camera from the tripod. No need to waste time fiddling around with screws and fixtures, Hama release plates ensures your camera can be clipped on and off the tripod head within seconds, securing it at the best shooting angle and preventing you from missing the perfect photo opportunity.

Quick Exchange between Cameras

Ideal for travel, the compact release plate takes up little space in a pocket or kit bag, so you can achieve quick exchange of cameras on the go. Compatible with all cameras supporting a standard 1/4” (6.4mm) thread connection, there is no need to transport a different tripod for every camera. Simply install a quick release plate to each camera and then, when you to want to switch, clip one off and the other one on to start capturing photos. Switch from photo to video camera or to the most appropriate model for the shot. The choice is yours!

Hama Quick Release Plate for Traveller Premium 144/146

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