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Hama "Optic Dry" Photo Cleaning Set, 3-part

This set includes everything needed for effectively cleaning your camera. An air blower for removing dust and dirt, a lint-free cleaning cloth and a lens pen that gives your camera the clean it needs.

For the dry cleaning of optical surfaces with heavy and fine soiling

Set comprising:

Dust Ex Brush:
With brush, for removing heavy soiling and coarser particles
Air blower removes dust, crumbs and other small particles without touching the surface
Valve system for optimised blowing action
Brush can be attached to the side when not in use

Cleaning Cloth:
Removes dirt and dust from all optical surfaces
Especially high-quality microfibre cloth for lint-free cleaning
Excellent cleaning effect thanks to high-quality fibre structure
Microfibre cleaning cloth (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)

Highly efficient and gentle cleaning of all optical surfaces, especially for lenses and filters
Ready for use immediately, since the screw lock ensures automatic activation of the velvet surface and means that no special activation of the fibres is required
Especially long-lasting, since no liquid can dry out or leak with dry cleaning
Original Lenspen
Removes durst, specks of grease and other dirt
Does not dry out
With lens brush for dry pre-cleaning
Special coating for high-quality lenses
Handy pen shape with retaining clip in an ergonomic design
Curved velvet surface
Diameter 13 mm: especially for lenses and filters

Hama Optic Dry Photo Cleaning Set 3 Part
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