Hama Charg. Usb Canon Lp-E10H00081394

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A new energy boost in a light and compact design for your Canon: This USB charger allows you to charge the battery of your camera in a car, from a power pack or notebook. It provides many charging options for on the go so you will always be ready to snap that perfect picture.

  • LED function indicator gives information about the charge state
  • If you take a lot of photos when travelling, you know just how quickly the battery can weaken. A heavy, clunky battery charger is not exactly practical when on the move. The ‘Travel’ USB charger for camera batteries, on the other hand, is small, light and compact – entirely in keeping with the motto ‘Travel light’.
  • Intelligent charging with IC (integrated circuit) guarantees best possible charging for your battery – the battery is charged not just quickly but safely, too. What we have here are specific USB chargers for the respective batteries, so the batteries fit perfectly in the charger and are firmly seated: no power is wasted – your battery gets ‘full board’. The LED indicator is lit red during charging, green when the battery is fully charged. The charger is protected against short circuit and polarity reversal – with ‘Travel’, you can be sure your battery will remain intact.
Hama Charg. Usb Canon Lp-E10

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