Hama Antidust Cleaning Spray 250mlH00005800

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Before rubbing the dust off the camera and making grease marks, it's better to clean the camera more carefully and remove the specks of dust with this compressed air spray. For any remaining fingerprints, a microfibre cloth is perfect. This is how scratch-free cleaning is done!

Dust remover for photography, lenses, film, video, CDs, computers, IT, hobby interests, telecommunications, technology, electronics, etc.

  • Ideal for cleaning hard-to-access parts of cameras and equipment
  • Monoblock tin with screw head for increased blow intensity
  • Gas pressure stable until the end of the filling process
  • With spray valve and capillary tube

What's in the Box

  • 1 "AntiDust" cleaning spray
  • 1 instruction manual


2 years legal warranty only

Hama Antidust Cleaning Spray 250ml

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