Hama Air Duster/ Compressed Gas Cleaner 400ml63084417

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Hama Air Duster 400ml

  • For cleaning workspaces around the office and home
  • With small tube for hard to reach places
  • With child-safe cap

What's in the Box

  • 1 air duster
  • 1 small tube

Note for Consumers

  • Observe the information provided by the device manufacturer
  • Before cleaning, disconnect device from the power supply and allow to cool
  • Do not shake
  • Only use in upstanding position - liquid gas may escape and cause freeze / material damage
  • Disposal must be made according to official regulations
Official reason for change of product code:
Due to the latest European guidelines for cleaning products and the uniformization of the packaging we need to switch back to the standard item H00084417.
Means that the prefix item 63084417 is Non Active and will be replaced by the standard itemH00084417.
Product Information (PDF)
Hama Air Duster/ Compressed Gas Cleaner 400ml
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