Hama Accessory Set for GoProH00004397

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This fantastic accessory kit for your GoPro camera includes different mounts that can either be attached in a car, to a helmet or the handlebars. It is the perfect choice for capturing immersive videos and photos and ideal for any activity where you want to get a great view of the action.

  • 3-way swivelling arm for all imaginable shooting angles
  • The high-quality 3M adhesive technology ensures a consistently reliable hold also in the rain and cold

Accessory set for GoPro action cameras, perfect for all sports activities

  • Set comprising two different adhesive mounts, two different quick-release fasteners, one 3-way swivelling arm and one long replacement screw
    Adhesive pads
  • 2-part replacement set consisting of one straight (e.g. for car windows) and one curved (e.g. for sports helmets, handlebars) adhesive mount
  • If required the adhesive pads can be cleanly removed when heat (hairdryer) is applied


Box contains
  • 1 straight mounting plate
  • 1 curved mounting plate
  • 2 adhesive pads
  • 2 different quick-release fasteners
  • 3-way swivelling arm
  • 1 long replacement screw


Hama  Accessory Set for GoPro

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