Hama 3in1 Uni Lens Kit for Smartphones and Tablet PCsH00044338

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Whether fisheye, wide-angle or macro lens - with these smartphone lenses you will be guaranteed to capture fantastic shots also with your mobile phone. No need of a reflex camera. Brilliant!

Do you find that, on holiday, you increasingly ask yourself: Should I use my digital camera or smartphone? Particularly when travelling, it is often more practical to quickly pull out your phone in order to capture special moments and experiences. Furthermore, when it comes to picture quality, today’s smartphones are in no way inferior to a high-quality single-lens reflex camera, and, at the same time, are easier to handle.

But if you would like to bring far-away subjects close, or get more into the picture through a wide angle, the smartphone has its limits. A new, revolutionary trend promises a solution: add-on lenses. Whether it’s a fisheye, macro or wide-angle lens: For smartphones, there are various lenses that you can additionally attach to your camera lens. This means more possibilities when filming and taking photos. And compared with the high-quality single-lens reflex camera, the smartphone, when used in combination with the lenses, is more compact, allows you to edit photos at the location, and is ideally suited for unique selfies.

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Hama  3in1 Uni Lens Kit for Smartphones and Tablet PCs

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