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Hama 3in1 "Uni" Lens Kit for Smartphones and Tablets, pc

Whether fisheye, wide-angle or macro lens - with these smartphone lenses you will be guaranteed to capture fantastic shots also with your mobile phone. No need of a reflex camera. Brilliant!

Colour Black

  • Component Fisheye Lens/Lens Cap/Macro Lens/Storage Bag/Universal Lens Clip/Wide-Angle Lens
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  • Set Contents in Pieces 7
  • Physical Properties
  • Material Aluminium Alloy/Optical Glass
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For extraordinary photo and selfie perspectives with a smartphone and tablet PC
Three different lenses provide three different photo effects: 180° fisheye lens, 0.67X wide-angle lens and macro lens

1. Fisheye lens: allows you to capture distorted hemispherical shots - for an artistic visual effect of the pictures
2. Wide-angle lens: stretches the limits of your lens thus allowing you to capture large shots
3. Macro lens: works like a small microscope and is ideal for picking up details when taking photos of small things like blossoms or insects

Universal lens clip easily attaches to a wide range of devices (all mobile phones/smartphones and tablet PCs with a lens diameter of up to 13 mm)
Easy to attach to the camera lens by means of the clip-on lens holder
Due to the compact size, the storage pouch and the clip-on mounting option the lenses are ideal for on the go and can easily be used at any time
Comes with a storage pouch for optimal protection of the lenses

What's in the Box

  • 1 fisheye lens
  • 1 wide-angle lens
  • 1 macro lens
  • 1 universal lens clip
  • 2 lens caps
  • 1 storage pouch
  • Note for Consumers

The wide-angle lens only functions in combination with the macro lens. The macro lens can be used separately, just unscrew the wide-angle lens for this purpose.


2 years legal warranty only



Hama 3in1 Uni Lens Kit For Smartphones And Tablets PCs
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