Hahnemuhle Ingres Pad 30x40cm White 20 Sheets10628054

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The Hahnemuhle mould-made Ingres paper, named after the French painter Jean Augusta Dominique Ingres (1780 - 1867) and is ideal for pencil, crayon, pastel, red ochre and watercolours. The lightweight 100 gsm paper with its subtle ribbed surface structure is used by artists, graphic designers and book binders, as well as to create bespoke envelopes. The sheets in this pad feature two deckle edges and two cut. Ingres is acid free and extremely age resistant. The mixed pad contains 9 shades of colour; Bright white, white, ivory, antique, yellowish, brown, mouse grey and grey brown.
Hahnemuhle Ingres Pad 30x40cm White 20 Sheets

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