GGS Larmor 5th Gen LCD Protect Protector Pop-Up Hood NS3243LM3243

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    • £9.46 inc VAT
    • £7.88 + £1.58 VAT

The Larmor 5th generation glass LCD protectors offer superior protection and the easy to fit and remove sunshade makes daytime shooting a breeze. The five layer 0.3mm optical glass is tough yet thin. It is also touch screen friendly and offers 98% light transmittance.

The protector is easy to fit and remove (cannot be refitted once removed), leaving no glue residue behind. Simply place the protector in the correct position over your cameras LCD and press down in the centre of the protector with your finger, easy! The glass protector features a metal border which allows the magnetic sunshade to be clicked on and off your camera with ease. The metal border also prevents damage to the corners of the protector. Once in place just flip up the sunshade and its popup mechanism will keep the sides open while in use.

GGS Larmor 5th Gen LCD Protect Protector Pop-Up Hood NS3243

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